Author of 'Three Marketeers' & Follower of Business Trends

About This Blog

This blog, published by Ajeet Sharma, is for those looking for updates in the the world of marketing and advertising. The articles, videos and links curated by him make this blog a rare resource on novel (and not regular) milestones achieved in the area.  

The blog also establishes a link between business and business novels and movies. While there are several books and films on topics related to the businessworld, not many know that reading novels and watching films about business help develop stronger and more vivid insights, thereby positively influencing decision-making. This blog promotes this relationship and therefore adds a new dimension to a professional’s understanding.

Ajeet Sharma has authored a novel, Three Marketeers, which is quite in sync with this belief. The book refers to the concepts of cause-related-advertising, celebrity endorsement, copywriting, event-based promotion, CSR, and entrepreneurship.

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