By Ajeet Sharma

Adidas India has launched an ad film for the digital media – ‘#FanTheFire’ – featuring Nishchay Luthra, an Indian figure skater, who, at present is training in Florida for the Winter Olympics, 2018. Luthra is the winner of four international and nine national gold medals. The company believes that by communicating the athlete’s struggle-story to make it big in this lesser-followed sport, a strong and inspirational message will go to the audience, which is already over-exposed to ads around cricket, tennis, and badminton.

Though Adidas has chosen this unique backdrop of alternate sport, there is no mention of any product from the company’s stable in the two-minute film – just the brand’s logo at the end of it.

It was the team at Cheil India – Adidas’s creative agency – who had suggested that the company choose such a backdrop to standout in a market already very cluttered. Moreover, most athletes in alternate sports, according to the team, are unsung heroes who work hard in adversities to be the best. No one, so far, has recognised their laurels.  

There’s one thumb rule about advertising – create an ad that beats the clutter. And this one surely does that. In fact, such an approach could turn out as a gamechanger for many brands that have so far been promoted around popular sports.

The message from companies like Adidas must reach consumers who are into sports – the bull’s eye. But there is more fragmentation happening within. Clearly, content is emerging as a new basis of segmentation and marketers would only benefit if they adopt it, whatever the medium of advertising.

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